All God's Children 
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Loving Children like Jesus does.

TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention)

What Is TBRI?

TBRI was designed to help foster and adoptive parents compassionately teach children from hard places the life skills they need to learn while at the same time communicating their preciousness to God, themselves (parents and caregivers), and society. It is also a philosophy that believes that all misbehavior is the result of an unmet need such as hunger, thirst, attention, too hot/cold, over/under stimulation, need to use the restroom, etc. 

Why Am I Using It in a Nanny Share?

Well, because it can be adapted for children who are not from hard places as well as the philosophy is amazing and a great philosophy for raising all kids with.

What does it look like at All God's Children?

  • I get on the child's level when talking to them
  • I hold their hands, touch their face, shoulder, arm, or head while talking to them (only children under the age of 9)
  • I ask to see their pretty eyes when I am speaking to them so I know I have their attention
  • If there is misbehavior, I ask them if they need something which is causing them to misbehave on the first offense
  • On the second offense of misbehavior I sit down with the child in a 'time in' and talk through the problem, help them calm down, talk about how they can fix the problem, etc.
  • I make sure the children have a healthy snack as often as they need it. They are allowed a snack whenever they are hungry.
  • I make sure the children have access to water as often as they need it.
  • I remind the little ones to use the restroom often.
  • I make sure to give praise and positive attention as often as possible.
  • I try to quickly identify when a child is tiring of an activity. 
  • There are many, many, many other aspects to this philosophy that I employ in my home. 

For more information on the TBRI method of discipline check out these 2 websites: