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Extreme Behavior Policies:

To begin, I realize that no one likes to talk about extreme behavior policies but for the safety of myself, my helpers, my home, and most importantly, the other children in my care, it is very necessary to have these policies in place. Please realize that I love every child that comes into my home and make every effort to work with parents on behavior issues and if I see that these things might be becoming an issue, I will let you know right away. So, without further ado, these are the Extreme Behavior Policies:

I realize that children are still learning however there are certain chronic behaviors that I cannot allow to take place in my home and those behaviors include but are not limited to:
  • Cursing
  • Intentionally breaking objects
  • Hitting myself, my helpers, or other children
  • Kicking myself, my helpers, or other children
  • Spitting at others
  • Throwing Objects in anger
  • Yelling/screaming at others

If any of these things become chronic issues, this is the following plan of action that will take place:

  1. Level 1: Early Pickup-Child may return the next day. Everyone has bad days. Behavior Tracking begins.
  2. Level 2: Early Pickup-Child may return in 2 days.
  3. Level 3: Early Pickup-Child may only return after a conference with both parents to discuss the seriousness of the behavior.
  4. Level 4: Early Pickup-Child may not return. This is the point at which I decide that this home is not the right fit for your child.

*The definition of Chronic in this case is that these behaviors are taking up the majority of my time or the time of any other caregivers throughout a given day. Every child will experiment with almost all of the behaviors on this list at one time or another to see what kind of reaction they receive but what we are talking about here is if the child is exhibiting these behaviors for over half of the day or making it so that the other children in my care are unable to enjoy themselves due to feeling unsafe.*

Again, Please be aware of the fact that I will not just spring this on you one day. If I see that these things look like they might be becoming chronic, I will mention it at pickup or drop-off. I will also begin giving you weekly behavior tracking sheets after your child has reached level 1 to keep you in the know about your child's behavior at daycare.