All God's Children 
Nanny Share LLC

Loving Children like Jesus does.

Our Daily Schedule:*

7-8:30 am

  Arrive, Free play, Breakfast
 8:30-9 am
  AM Snack for late arrivers or children who have had breakfast at home
  9-9:30 am
  Circle Time/Curriculum
  9:30-9:40 am
  Diaper Checks/changes
  9:40-10:20 am
  Indoor/Outdoor Free play; messy art projects; special projects; etc.
  10:20-10:45 am
  Books and Indoor free play
  10:45-11 am
  Diapers/handwashing/upstairs for lunch
  11-11:20 am
  TV time while Mrs. Christina makes lunch
  11:20-11:50 am
  Dance Party to get our wiggles out!
  Diaper Changes and lay down
  12-3 pm
  Nap Time/Quiet Time (Children who don’t nap or wake before other children are allowed to watch a movie or do a quiet activity.)
  3:00 pm
  Wake up/diaper changes/wash hands for snack
  3:10-3:30 pm
  Indoor/outdoor free play until parents come
  *This is not an exact schedule as children are children and therefore are subject to bad days just like the rest of us but I do try to maintain this general routine whether or not the times are exact*