All God's Children 
Nanny Share LLC

Loving Children like Jesus does.

Age Range: 3-5 years

Types of Care accepted: Full-Time, part-time, Aftercare, and drop-in care

Information: At this age, I generally start with learning about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and all kinds of other fun things. I may also begin the writing and reading if the parent so desires. Children of this age are also encouraged to ask questions about the topic of the day and to think critically. This is also a stage at which we will start incorporating quiet time instead of a nap depending on the development of the child. 

Montessori Impact:

  • Use the toys to teach counting
  • Make play dough, cookies, bubble solution, etc. to teach measurements
  • Make foam out of bubble solution for a sensory activity
  • Put vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring in a Ziploc bag and watched it pop from a safe distance
  • Listen to music and sing while playing including educational and religious songs
  • Play with puzzles, encouraging the child to figure it out without help from an adult
  • Find books and resources about the interests of an individual child
  • Talk through a problem a child is having and teach them to think about it logically or from someone else’s point of view
  • Supervised outdoor time when weather permits to foster exploration of nature
  • Outdoor activities with riding toys always include the use of a helmet
  • Discipline is carefully explained and discussed using love and logic
  • Play with play money learning about different denominations of coins and bills
  • Play with puzzles that are mathematical equations

Discipline Policies:
First offense: Warning not to repeat a behavior and inquiry about the needs of the child
Second offense: Time In 
Third Offense: A token is removed from their jar 
Temper Tantrums will result in an immediate time in until they have calmed down enough to talk about what's upsetting them.

Token Economy: 
Positive reinforcement for good behavior. 

Each time the child does something that we have been working on behaviorally or socially, they will be rewarded with a wooden token to put in their special jar and at the end of the day they have the option of spending their tokens on something from the token store or they can save them for bigger prizes! I stock up on small candies and toys that they can "buy" from the token store and the bigger prizes are things like more expensive toys that I will save for the purpose of letting the children buy them. 

Time In:

I do time in with the kiddos in my home because I find that it helps to calm tantrums faster and correct behavior more effectively if I hold a child in my lap or sit down next to them while coaching them on how to calm themselves down by breathing slowly, talking softly, giving them the words they aren't able to communicate, etc. Time in is not a punishment but rather an opportunity to teach little people how to handle their big emotions and it is also a chance to communicate to them how precious they are.

See the TBRI Page under the 'About' Tab for more info on Time In and my philosophy here.