All God's Children 
Nanny Share LLC

Loving Children like Jesus does.

Age Range I accept: 6 weeks-18 months

Types of Care accepted:  Full-Time, part-time, Aftercare, and drop-in care 

Information: These guys (and gals) are not held to any set schedule and are allowed to make their own sleep/eat/play schedules to a certain extent. Obviously the older the child is, the more organized their schedule should be according to sleeping and eating with a bit of flexibility catered to the individual child.

Discipline Policies: Redirection and a stern, “No” and maybe a time in for older infants  (I maintain a no negative touch policy)

Montessori Impact: 
  • Toys mostly consist of plastic containers, lids, and simple toys to encourage imagination
  • Musical or light up toys are limited to avoid over-stimulation
  • Listen to music and sing while playing including educational and religious songs
  • Children are allowed to play with everyday household items (such as boxes, paper bags, laundry baskets, etc.) under close supervision to foster imagination and learn to follow directions
  • Closely supervised outdoor time when weather permits