All God's Children 
Nanny Share LLC

Loving Children like Jesus does.

Policies regarding days and times

  1. No child is allowed to be in my care for longer than 10 hours in one day. I must insist on this regulation as I believe it is unfair to the child and to me. Emergencies excluded, however, there will be a limit on how many “emergencies” I allow per month.
  2. No child is allowed to be in my care more than 50 hours in one week. I understand that work schedules are hard sometimes and this economy has not been friendly to the middle class but please remember, I have a family too and this is my job. I love my job but it's still a job. Again, emergencies will be allowed but there will be a limit to the emergencies I allow per month.
  3. If in case of emergency or if it is previously arranged, I have your child longer than 10 hours, you will be charged $12/extra hour.