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Loving Children like Jesus does.

My Personal Policies

  • I am human therefore I do occasionally get sick and if it is just a minor sniffle, I will not cancel. However if I am running a fever, having diarrhea, or vomiting, I will need to cancel daycare for that day as I would not want to spread it. In order to plan things ahead of time, I will attempt to let all parents know the night before so that you can make alternate plans. If however something happens in the middle of the night, I will text or call you immediately to let you know that I am sick and not able to run care that day. You may want to have a backup plan in case this happens.

  • I have 2 weeks of vacation for spending time with family and because as stated above, I am human and sometimes need a break. 1 week will be between Christmas and New Years and the other will be sometime in the summer.

  • You will note that I say that I am closed on Sundays. This is mostly set in stone as I do attend church on a weekly basis and I have several commitments that would make it largely impossible to watch children in my home. If, however, you are in desperate need of childcare on a Sunday, I will consider it on a case by case basis as long as you are willing to compromise with me on some things. As a result of having to work on my scheduled day off, I will ask that I be allowed to take the child(ren) to church with me if it fits within the time frame that I attend and also to various family functions. Now, the caveat to that is that I will assure you that your child(ren) will remain solely in my care the entire time, meaning that I will not put them in the nursery unless I am present and I will not leave them in the care of any other adult. Aftercare rates will apply as well.